Education Crises

The education crisis is the issue that needs attention the most. Keep in mind that a lot of evil in the society and so many other humanitarian crises are just symptoms. If you resolve those issues, you will still not get anywhere. Why? Because the real problem lies somewhere else. In this case, the real problem is the lack of education in people. When people are not educated, they are not aware of their responsibilities.

When they are not aware of their responsibilities, it creates a gap in the society that can’t be filled unless these people are educated. Let’s talk about the issue in more detail.

What’s Causing the Education Crisis?

What’s the first thing that is causing the creation of this void? Why are there people who don’t get educated? Are they not willing to learn? Are they being stopped from learning? This is where you have to start thinking about the many causes that could be worsening the education crisis in the world. While it is true that some people are innately not interested in getting education, the worst part is when people who want to get education can’t get it. Here are some things that are stopping people from getting education.

·         Lack of Resources

People don’t have the resources to send their kids to school. This problem is quite common in countries where the earnings of a common individual are very low. They are hardly making their ends meet every month and don’t have enough money to send their kids to school. If they send their kids for education, they won’t have the money to eat and that’s where the paradox is created. What’s the solution to that problem? To be fair, it is the job of the governments in those countries to find a way to educate their people because if they don’t, they will keep going downhill.

·         Discrimination for Various Reasons

In some countries, there is discrimination on various grounds that causes people to not get the education they so need. For example, in certain countries, women are not sent to school because they are supposed to be working at home. In other countries, trans people are not recognized as valuable and respectable parts of the society and thus they are not sent for education. Even if they get education, they are not able to get any jobs because no one is willing to hire them. This creates yet another gap that can’t be fulfilled unless those who are not giving jobs are not educated.

·         Political Conditions

In some countries, the political conditions are so bad that they can’t even think about getting education. These people are busy making just enough to put food on the table at night. They do small jobs every day and make enough money to come home with something to eat for everyone in the family. They are not concerned with education because they know they can’t afford it. At times, they are being governed by certain apartheid groups that don’t let them get any education.

Consequences of Education Crises

The lack of education can result in many other crises. As said before, other crises might be symptoms, but no education is the real cancer that causes other symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of the grave consequences of people not being able to get education.

·         Poverty

When you don’t get education, you can’t be considered for employment. You are only going to apply for work that requires labor. At the end of the day, you will not be able to contribute anything to the progress of your country, which will result in more unemployment. As unemployment increases, the rate of poverty also increases.

·         Crimes

Lack of education means lack of employment. Lack employment means no ways for people to make money. What they do then is that they resort to committing crimes to make money. Snatching valuables, vandalism, thefts, and robberies become common in societies where people are not able to get education.

·         Human Rights Violations

The best thing that education does is it makes people aware of the right and wrong. When people have no idea of right and wrong, they do whatever fits their motive. For example, people would bribe the police to keep using a vehicle that is no registered or has been smuggled into the country. People would bribe their bosses to get the best roles in their jobs. They will never realize what wrong they are doing because they don’t have enough education.

What We Are Doing about Education Crises

At, we are doing all that we can to put an end to this crisis because we know that it is the underlying cause of many other societal evils. Unless people are aware of the right and wrong, they will never be able to make things right. Everyone will live with a sense of entitlement or with the sense that what they are doing is right. Here is how we are trying to eradicate this problem from our community.

·         Donating Resources for Education

We are donating the resources we have available for the purpose of education. We contribute through donating computers, tablets, notebooks, books, etc. whenever we can to make as many students as possible access basic education.

·         Donating Money for the Cause

We are donating money to the non-profit organizations that are busy day and night in helping people get education. We understand that they know this matter better than we do so we provide them with the money to make their plans possible.

·         Volunteering When Possible

We have our employees and other groups of people who have signed up with us to volunteer for various causes when the need arises. Whether it is about raising awareness, helping a non-profit set up an event, or dedicating a week to help others, we can do it all and have been doing it for quite some time now.

Contribute with us in whatever way you can so we can make this world better for us all.