Food Crises

The worst feeling to have is to be hungry and having no idea of whether you will be able to eat or not. When we are hungry, we are often consoled and pacified by the thought of eating later. That’s because we know we have the money to buy us food later. What about people who have no resources to buy food? What about people who don’t have food for many days and still have no idea if they will be able to food for many days to come? What about people who are so malnourished they can’t even stand on their own feet or speak properly?

That’s only one side of this food crisis that many countries in the world face. Now, think about mothers and fathers who have to see their children die of hunger. Imagine living with the feeling that your child will die in front of you and you won’t be able to do anything about it. The bigger question that we have to ask ourselves is, “Who is going to help these people?” These are people just like us. They breathe, they smile, they cry, and they need food. If we won’t help, no one’s going to help them.

What Causes Food Crises?

It’s an unfortunate sight that in our world where we can send messages to the other side of the world within seconds and order food from far-flung places to have a rider deliver it to us fresh and hot, we have people who don’t have access to it. Here are some reasons that contribute to the food crisis.

·         Political Makeup

As unfortunate as it may sound, some countries or regions are being ruled by parties that are not sincere with their people. They are in control only because they don’t want their people to have any power. They usually have their own motives or they are used by governments in various countries for their gains. As a result, they don’t let their people get food because how else will you keep them your slaves?

·         Changing Climate

Will it not shock you to hear that nearly 350 million people in just Africa don’t have access to food or enough access to food because of various reasons? That’s the story of just one continent of the world. Things are getting worse with time as climate changes and global warming completely change weathers around the world. The crops are not getting the water they need and as a result, people are dependent on food supplies that have to come from other countries. To make matters worse, they don’t have enough money to get that food across the border.

·         Uneven Distribution of Resources

This is the worst part of it when you realize that the food shortage is being caused by humans because they are either incompetent to do the jobs they have been given or they are just biased. When resources are not distributed evenly, the rich start becoming richer and the poor start becoming poorer. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the scenario many countries in the world are facing right now.

What Can We Do to Improve the Situation?

There are a variety of ways we can be contributors to eradicating this problem. In fact, food shortage is probably the easiest to eradicate since so many countries waste so much food and people are always overeating. Let’s take a look at some methods to put an end to the food crisis.

·         Eating Normally

This particular point might surprise you but you will soon know why it’s important. Firstly, you cannot completely ignore the fact that any country can end up with food shortage. It only takes a few years of no rain for the crops in your country to get destroyed. When there are no crops, there is no food. Buying food from other countries can be extremely expensive. So, before you go about helping others with food shortage issue, make sure you are eating just as much as you need to stay fit.

·         Donating Money

We can donate money to the organizations that are specifically working on this crisis. There are many non-profit organizations that are present around you and sending food supplies to the countries in Africa. They have their online websites through which you can donate. Or, you can call us to know how we can have your contributions and then forward them to organizations that we are sending our donations to.

·         Donating Inventions

Are you someone with an amazing invention that can help countries up their crop production? Believe it or not, some countries are always on the verge of having food shortage every year because they are not producing enough crops for their people. The best way to help them is to take them out of using the outdated methods of producing certain crops.

The methods they are using are old and very less efficient. In other words, they have to put in a lot of manpower to grow very little crops. On the other hand, if you could give them a machine to work in the fields and farms, they could produce enough crop to meet the needs of their countries.

·         Sending Packed Foods

Certain packed foods can be sent directly to the regions of the world where there is a food shortage. You have to keep in mind that you pick the foods that will stay alright on their way to the destination and for some days even after reaching the destination. Don’t forget that certain packed foods have a long shelf life that they can stay fresh and eatable for years to come. Do you know that free-dried items can last for more than 2 decades?

Let’s Help

If you are someone concerned about the food shortage in so many parts of the world, then you are the perfect partner to work with us. Food crisis is among our primary focuses as we continue with our social responsibilities and philanthropist work. We can be a great force against food crises if we join hands today.