Human Rights Crises

When you hear the word human rights, you usually think of the organizations that are always working to eradicate this problem. While there are quite a few organizations working on improving the human rights situation around the world, you will be shocked to know the ground reality. Human rights are violated in countries more than anything. We can’t forget the fact that such crises can be caused in a variety of ways.

Just so you know, if people living in a country don’t feel safe for any reason, it means some sort of human rights violations are being committed in that country. Let’s take a look at some violations that take place every day and then see what we can do about them.

Types of Human Rights Crises in the World

If you look around, you will find out that human rights are being violated in your area in some shape or form. That’s how common this issue is. You only need to look around. Let’s take a look at some instances of human rights crises taking place today.

·         Gender Based Crisis

This is the first one on the list because it is now being discussed a lot. The world is slowly realizing that in many countries, women are not being given the rights they deserve. If a man has the right to get education and then go get a job, the woman has the same right as well. There are many other walks of life in which men and women need to be equal but they are not. The worst part of the matter is that some people don’t even realize when they are committing this violation. For example, some people would hire a young girl for a small pay only because she is a girl without realizing that they just violated a human right.

·         Religion Based Crisis

This particular type of human rights violation can take place in both directions. In some cases, people are being mistreated because they do not belong to a particular religion. In other cases, people are being persecuted because they are following a particular religion. It is unfortunate that some of the biggest democracies in the world are engaged and indulged in this type of human rights violation. If you are being stopped to do something because you belong to a particular religion, you should know that your rights were violated and you should report the incident as soon as possible.

·         Journalism Based Crisis

You would think the people who appear on TV have great presence in the society, but that’s just not enough. The more they appear on TV, the more they are prone to certain types of violations that are committed specifically against the media people. So, you have many countries where the governments are trying to control everything that is said about them. When journalists give their independent view about something, not only are they told to stop doing that but they are also approached and handled physically. In other words, governments would hire people to beat the journalist to threaten them to stop.

·         Trafficking Based Crisis

This is the most dangerous type of crisis because it usually takes place with people who are vulnerable. Think about children being abducted and then transported to other countries or regions for different types of tasks. In some countries, children are kidnapped and then made to beg in front of the public for money. Some underground groups would even cut their limbs to make them complete beggars and physically disabled. In other cases, women are trafficked from one country to another country for selling their bodies. These crimes are again more common than you think.

What Can We Do?

There is a lot that we can do about this situation and make it better. If we don’t take the responsibility, things will only get worse. Here are a few steps we can take to fix this problem.

·         Be Supportive of Each Other

We can support each other in a variety of ways. We don’t have to look at our political affiliations when a person is speaking the truth. If the political party you support is physically hurting journalists, you should speak against it. If you see someone talking to a child and luring them into a vehicle, you should be vocal about it and confront the person as soon as possible. We should support each other whenever one of us raises their voice against such issues.

·         Spread Awareness

This is the best thing you or anyone can do. When we spread awareness, we are telling people to be responsible so they can stop these acts when they are happening. A lot of these things happen because people are not aware of them. For example, a girl might trust a guy online within a few days and agree to meet him for a date without realizing that it could be a criminal waiting for her to come. They would kidnap her and send her to some other place through human trafficking.

·         Donate and Contribute

Donate by giving money to the charities that have been started for people who suffer from this particular crisis. In addition to that, we should help those who are prone to such happenings. For example, if you think a young boy is jobless and can be hunted for their vulnerability, you could offer them a job or enough money for them to study so they don’t wander on the streets and become a prey to some predator.

In addition to that, you should make your contribution by helping the organizations that are standing against such violations. If a woman is being paid less money for the same job as a man, you should speak against it or at least help the organization that is speaking against this behavior. Unless you are willing to be vocal about it, you can’t expect things to get any better.

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