Why We Do It

Why are we doing all this? The world is a place where good and bad things keep happening. Some people have great lives and some don’t have such great lives. Some people have to live in hardships while others enjoy their time on the beach and get to live a happy life with their families. Why is it that we are trying to help people in need?

There is a truth deep inside that’s embedded deep into the hearts of the founders of this organization. We don’t work on the big crises of the world to get attention or to be in the limelight. We are here to make a difference no matter how small it is. What keeps us going is that people like you are always there to help us with our endeavors.

You are the people who give us the strength to keep going even when things don’t seem right. Here are some major reasons why we do what we do.

For Inner Satisfaction

A smile on the face does not tell you that a person is happy. It’s like saying that just because a house has a great paint on its exterior then its interior is great too. The fact is that true satisfaction comes from within. An even bigger truth is that achieving that inner peace is very difficult. You have to do a lot to achieve that inner peace and even then you might not have full satisfaction with your efforts. However, we are doing our best to get the satisfaction on the inside. We don’t think we are living the best of our lives unless we are helping people who are in need.

The founder of the organization, Avram Grant, is a big philanthropist who is engaged in a variety of projects only to help people around the world with their struggled. He has a great focus on problems like human rights violations, lack of education, poverty, and food crises. With a team that shares the same vision as him, you have an organization that finds inner peace by helping others.

To Change Things

The biggest hurdle in the way of a better world is that people don’t come on the same page no matter how great the cause is. You have many people who will not join your efforts because they have some other issues with you. We want to change this attitude completely and give people a new way of thinking. We want them to think in a way that encourages them to change the status quo. We can’t keep going like this and expect things to change on their own. We have to communicate with every person who can contribute to great causes. If they can and are willing to, they have to be a part of this journey.

Eradicating a problem is only possible when we are all on the same page and share the same vision. To do that, we will have to be vocal about these issues and communicate with each other the aims and goals we have. We have to put our differences aside and think collectively about resolving these problems or at least taking the step of trying to resolve. Before we can change things around, we will have to change ourselves.

For the Coming Generations

We all know how much we love our lives. There is so much in our lives that we love, adore, and praise. Think about your last visit to some waterfall or a river. You must have loved it so much. You want to relive those moments over and over. Think about the time you fell in love with someone. You can’t describe those feelings, but you know you have never felt like that ever again. Do you want to give such a beautiful world to the coming generations? Do you want to give them a chance to love and fall in love? Do you want to give them the opportunity to visit beautiful natural places?

If yes, you will have to work hard for it. We have to make efforts to get rid of the problems that are causing the world to be a difficult place to live. If we don’t take the right steps, then it will be too late to make a change.

To Help Those Who Need It

In addition to making the world a better place for the coming generations, we have to look at the people who are suffering right now. You can’t leave a great legacy if you had the chance to help someone and you didn’t. Do you know there are millions of people in the world who don’t have food to eat or water to drink? Do you know there are people who can’t study because they are not allowed to? Do you know there are people in many countries that cannot live with religious freedom? They are all waiting for someone to listen to them and offer them some help.

We are here to help and we think you can help too. We donate funds into charities and other events that are meant to work on the causes we focus on. In addition to that, we are always working hard to make people aware of these problems. The more people know about these problems, the more people there will be working on them. In other words, the first step to helping someone is to spread awareness about the problem. Those who are hungry need food today, not tomorrow. That’s why we are speaking so vehemently about these problems.

Making the World a Better Place

The first step to making the world a better place is to remove our distances and set aside our differences and work together towards the same goals. We might have our own career choices and preferences, but we can surely say that we all identify lack of education, poverty, food shortage, etc. as problems that need to be taken care of. Join us in this move to bring happiness to people everywhere.