Our Focus

Despite our efforts and the dream to do so, we know we are always going to meet certain limitations in what we can do. We want to do everything that offers value to humans, animals, trees, and the planet as a whole, but we have our boundaries. These boundaries are decided by our financial constraints and various other factors. Since we know we can’t do everything, we have found certain focal points. These are the causes that we focus on the most while we keep other secondary. Let us tell you about the causes that we are primarily serving.


This remains one of the biggest concerns for almost all the nations in the world. People are living under the line of poverty and when you look at their earnings in dollar value, you find out that they are making absolutely nothing. When people don’t have enough resources, they can’t access even the basic necessities that should be right of every human. A person who doesn’t have money will not be able to make their children study, and this gives rise to another crises in the nation. When people can’t study, they can’t find jobs. This is a fission process that can prove to be detrimental for not just the society but the entire nation.


Lack of education or no access to education is a problem in many countries. Every year, hundreds of millions of children who qualify to go to a school can’t go due to a variety of reasons. In some societies, it is the feminine gender that is being denied education. In other societies, the issue of employment is causing people to pick lines of work that they don’t feel education is needed. Lack of education results in behaviors that are not normal in a society and it can result in attitudes that are harmful not only for humans but everyone on the planet.


Global warming is a reality and the world is realizing it now. However, it won’t be wrong to say that a lot of nations in the world have been too late to respond to this big change. The weather in various countries is getting worse with floods becoming more common and storms becoming more frequent. At the same time, these changes are resulting famines and droughts in various parts of the world, resulting in people not having any access to food. Such a shortage takes lives and demands steps to be taken on an immediate basis.

Human Rights

Human rights crisis can take many forms. Firstly, you have women being denied basic necessities, such as education, many societies only for being women. In some countries, you have governments that don’t allow people with confused gender identity to work like normal people. Also, you have governments in certain countries acting as fascists and taking control of the lands like mafia. It keeps getting worse as some countries are condoning the genocide of people based on their religious associations.

These are the four areas where we focus to bring justice and prosperity to the world.